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Croatia has a total of eight national parks and eleven protected natural reserves. A total of 4.464,25 square kilometers of the country is under protection, which makes 5% of the overall territory. These unique landscapes with dense, natural forests, carst rivers, lakes, waterfalls and bizarre natural rock formations don't only offer natural beauties, but also hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, boat drives and rafting....more
After Zagreb , the Croatian capital with 779.145 population, the county Split – Dalmatia is the second biggest urban area with a total of 463.676 inhabitants. Croatia, with an overall land surface of 56.538 square kilometers and 4.8 million inhabitants is a medium sized European country. By surface area it is larger than the Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland and has more inhabitants than Ireland or Norway. Croatia has over 6.600 settlements and the Adriatic region covers some 30% of the overall country surface area....more
The Croatian Adriatic has a total of 1244 islands, reefs and islets, only 47 of them populated. The coast length of the Croatian islands is in total 4398 kilometers and the coast length of the mainland is 1778 kilometers. This means that the overall coast of Croatia is an impressive 6176 kilometers in comparison with Spain, that has a coastline of 4964 kilometers. The major Dalmatian islands are Šolta, Brač, Hvar, Koručula and Vis. All these islands are well connected with the mainland via ferry, catamarans or speed taxi boats....more
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