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Our team of international architects developed a unique residential concept for living at the Adriatic coast in Split. The concept implies a certain way of living, working while feeling as if you were on holiday, and all that in an exceptional building with 42 premium apartments and penthouses. Bel Etage was created in accordance with the natural surroundings, smart layout planning and special front design. This building is a dream come true for those with high demands when it comes to lifestyle, aesthetics and individuality. High quality of design, active connection to the nature and landscape, all these are important preconditions for your choice of a new home.

Mariusz Schlesiona Neno Kezić, dipl. ing.arh
Building quality
Our expert team guarantees compliance with all building terms, as well as building quality, which at the same time means that all demands relating to aesthetics, energy efficiency and ecology will be met. At the same time, the object is constructed under full compliance with the valid, applicable legislation, thus guaranteeing all owners of BEL ÉTAGE a peaceful sleep at night. All our clients are offered close cooperation with our architects from the planning to the moving in phase, to make sure that all your wishes are taken into consideration and the optimum result has been achieved. Our referential objects, like Sunčani dvori and many satisfied clients speak of the reliability of the investors. Quality management systems and the international quality management norm DIN EN ISO 9000/9001, plus our excellent financial record are just additional warranties for the realization of all of our ambitious plans.

Quattro Company d.o.o.
Object management
Tehnoplast – comprehensive care and object management from one single place. The satisfaction of the tenants of our object is an issue of honor and heart. All questions related to BELETAGE will be processed fast and non-conventionally, the personal contact and transparency and follow up of our services is very important to us. At the same time we are proudly looking back at 20 years of experience in building management. The family owned company gives all this a touch of personal responsibility and engagement.

Tehnoplast d.o.o.
We have many years of experience and know-how in international marketing, consequent approach in planning and in professional realization of our ideas - Eques Fortis. Copyright Identity and Branding, visualization and communication- Eques Fortis-Luxury Real Estate Marketing.

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